Inspiration further afield...



• TED is all about spreading inspiring ideas by the world's greatest thinkers and doers, definitely worth a visit:

• The Global Resource for all things Shamanic, listings/forums/articles and much more:

• Conscious Dancer - movement for a better world, magazine and business directory:

• Practical Shamanism with Sacred Trust:

• Shamanism and healing communities with Trish Coates - also an excellent resource about shamanism:

• Shamanism with Sarah Howcroft-Lane:

• Biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy, a gentle approach to body's inherent health, with Nicola-Fee Bahl:

• Shamanic art and healing with Polly Fox-Strangways:

• Feng-Shui and healing with Sue Holmes:

• Beautifully designed, interesting and interactive astrology website:

• Pulse of the drum across the world with Layne Redmond:

• Drums made to order and more with Suzi and Fergus Crockford:

• A blog/website dedicated to ever-wild bee, oracular methods etc. with Narelle Bouthillier:

• Clown Through Mask and inventive theatre with Jonathan Young:

• A fun look into definitions, issues and etiquettes of Tango:

• Learning to Tango in London with the Zero Hour team:

• Social dance meets contemporary dance forms, with Adriana Pegorer:

• Adriana Pegorer's blog on fusions with Argentine Tango:

• Roger White's healing bodywork in water:









































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