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"Art is prayer - not the vulgarized notations handed down to us in the scriptures, but a fresh, vital discovery of one's own special presence in the world."

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Una Noche en Buenos Aires

A 12 min dance piece (commissioned by the Aura Events in 2006 for the company Bain)

Clothed in a cinematic, black and white, 1940's elegance, this performance from the very start transports the audience into another world - a Tango night in Bs. As! Blending non-stylized movement and elements of dance-theatre with the stylized Tango postures and dance choreographies, the piece cleverly interleaves the history of the Tango music and its various dance styles - milonguero, club, fantasia, tango-nuevo - with a ritual passage through the stages of a social dance evening. From the very beginning, through to the very end, the company of 10 dancers plays with the typical tanguero attitudes, characters and social dynamics shaped into a power encounter, a seductive, a playful and/or a loving game between the sexes. At the end of the performance, the audience is invited to step into the open as well by joining in the free dancing!

Concept and direction: Biljana Lipic; Choreography and performance (at the Floral Hall, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden) by: Korey Ireland, Mila Vigdorova, Ivan Arandia, Natalia Thorn, Gissela Navoni, Fernando Guidi, Adriana Pegorer, Eduardo Bozzo, Richard Manuel and Biljana Lipic.





La Milonga Interna

A Tango fairytale...
Dance theatre performance

Once upon a time there was a child named Lilya. She dreamt of dancing but could not find a world in which she could do it. There was darkness everywhere.

Suddenly, a light appears and the strain of music is heard. ‘La Milonga’ where the rituals of Tango are enacted comes alive. Drawn to get close to it, Lilya enters a world in which boundaries between dreams and reality merge. Her space becomes the space of ‘La Milonga’.

There are no ends, only new beginnings.

As 9 dancers journey through a magical realm of elegance and beauty, fantasy and desire, tension and conflict they transform the depth and complexity of Tango Argentino into a simple yet powerful expression of forces that connect us all. In this modern Tango fairytale everyone is invited to listen to the dreamer within and share, if only for a moment, the spirit of La Milonga Interna

Concept & direction: Biljana Lipic; Soundtrack: Osvaldo H Miranda; Video: Lone Woolf Productions and Horacio Monteverde; Choreography and performance (for the Madeira Festival '04) by: Kathrin Harrison O'Connell, Eleonora Simoes, Richard Manuel, Kicca Tommasi, Juan Manuel Acosta, Carolyne Hirsch, Ivan Arandia, Valeria Matzkin and Biljana Lipic.






'intimo e intenso sabor do Tango'
Noticias da Madeira - link to the pdf file

'Fusao entre tango e danca contemporanea'
Tribuna Cultura - link to the pdf file


























































































































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