WED 22nd APRIL '09

Someone getting older!

Smiley faces.

Perfect chaos.


A sunny Cornish street.

A gin and tonic with plenty of ice.

A display in a shop window.

Myself, separated from others.

Fun experience.

A Geisha.

A reflection of myself and you!

You see what you want to see. Depends what you want to do! & with whom to who.

THUR 23rd APRIL '09

The moment.

I waited and then I saw myself passing by in the street outside - maybe towards lunch.

Interesting observing people oblivious that others are watching them. Ken!

One moment of relaxing & thinking art & myself.

I saw myself as a stranger; what was I thinking?

A chance to observe but not necessarily interact. But after a while I found myself interacting... I guess its part of the human condition that can never be avoided.

I was interested to watch myself watching myself and thoughts going their own way and watching them too.

Reflections; both literal and mental.

FRI 24th APRIL '09

We are all the central characters in the tragi-comedic theatre of our lives.

I feel like my life is an act but can't imagine the future. - E. Perry

He exits the doorway but looks both ways before proceeding up the road... an existential moment in time never to be recaptured.....

SAT 25th APRIL '09

A Stranger.

A smiling face.


My new home.

Womb in a Room.

Infinite potential.

A good space for a good argument.

* for you and me


MON 27th APRIL '09

Firstly them, then myself, opposites, isolated - relaxed. Uncomfortable for being watched, but ok with watching.

Concentrate + (giggle)

We create the Play! Comedy, drama, tragedy - you decide!

I don't like my double chin.

TUE 28th APRIL '09

(On this day there were lots of drawn faces around and inside a box on the board; also a drawn circle named Black Hole!)

No one is completely useless - you can always serve as a bad example.

WED 29th APRIL '09

ME! And a sheet of a clear acrylic with a black backing.

If I'm in a play, then no one told me my lines and I haven't rehearsed. Don't feel like an actor.

My parents. Grey.

Una image, val mes que mil paraules! (One image is worth more then a million words!)

Life is passing you by... 

otomma, an bys!

Restful plushness - saw unheard conversations.

Ensuite, je vais n associr a la terrace d'un café regarder le monde passé.

(On this day there were a couple of messages in Korean language too, which I am unable to translate as yet)

THUR 30th APRIL + FRI 1st MAY '09

People looking in - then looked away.

In my mind I went to Paris! Eggy visions.

People pass, looking at their own world.

Attention was drawn to tall, narrow slate proof wall and window. Still searching internally.

We arrived in the interval.

(On this day there was another message in a Far Eastern language that I haven't managed to translate)